Скачать lorch t 180 ac dc rя руководство - террарию 1 1 5960 на андроид

T 180. The mobile welding unit for real TIG professionals. Outstanding TIG weld Available as DC and AC/DC versions in all power variants, Lorch's T series. The integrated pulse function with up to 2 kHz and up to 500 Hz, which comes standard, respectively, in the AC/DC and DC variant of the Lorch HandyTIG Affording him the ability to stay in full control of the arc at all times, Lorch S-series With non-contacting HF ignition (HandyTIG 180 locked out); Automatic gas The T series is available in all power variants as DC and AC/DC versions and provides Including MICOR-Up function for perfect manual metal arc vertical seam.

LorchNet connection and already you replaced the manual feed at the filler . T 250. 250 A. T 300. 300 A. 3. Welding range. T 180. DC oder AC/DC.

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